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About us

Gojo is a family owned restaurant here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our mission is to bring you the most delicious and authentic Ethiopian cuisine in Phoenix.

Come into our Gojo!!!
We named our restaurant Gojo so that you can feel at home. Gojo is Amharic (Ethiopian Language) term for a hut. Gojo is usually used to provide shelter in the ruler side of Ethiopia. These homes are made out of straw, mud and water. Gojos keep out the cold and can shield families from nocturnal animals. It is also a place where family and friends get together and enjoy their time. So it is a pleasure to welcome you in our Gojo and serve you the most authentic Ethiopian food available in Phoenix.
​Ethiopian Cuisine
Ethiopian cuisine consists of vegetable and spicy meat dishes served on top of injera, a large flat bread made out of fermented teff flour. Utensils are rarely used with Ethiopian cuisine. The food is eaten exclusively with the right hand, using pieces of injera to pick up bites of entrees and side dishes.
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
Coffee is called bunna in Amharic (Ethiopian Language). When doing the coffee ceremony the coffee is taken through its full life cycle of preparation, that is washing the coffee beans, roasting and crusing it, and finally boiling it in the traditional pot called Jebenna right infornt of you! Come and experience this enjoyable ceremony every Monday starting from 3-5pm. 
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